1. CBA Training Camp

    On March 27-29, AUFA sent members to Ottawa, Ontario for a forum for those involved in the bargaining process.

    If you have time, please consider reading the report back to the membership here.

    First paragraph reads:

    What are the opportunities during times of fiscal restraint?

    Neil Tudiver opened the Forum by advising us that the employer will be tough on money. Economic crises put pressure on negotiations, so we should expect Administrations to make arguments that they have less money due to a drop in endowment funds, decreased government funding, and budget shortfalls.

    I would assume that Acadia is under the very same financial pressures as most other small universities in the country right now.  Did we really need to send representatives all the way to Ottawa to have them discover… the obvious?

    Thankfully, the conference went on to talk about items that Faculty Associations may be able to negotiate with their employers that don’t sound absurd - seemingly, it appears that AUFA is going to fight for “equity” this time around.

    Equity - interesting word isn’t it?

    According to Wikipedia, employment equity is defined by the following statement:

    "…refer to policies that take race, ethnicity, or gender into consideration in an attempt to promote equal opportunity."

    Now, it’s been awhile since this member of our passionate blogging group has been at Acadia, however, I don’t recall seeing any sort of discrepancies with this particular definition on campus.  In fact, there always seemed to be a fair split of female and male faculty members, as well as a well represented group of professors from other countries.  Maybe it’s no longer the same?

    Either way, let me be clear, I’m all for equity, but what I do hope, is that the principle of equity does not interfere with the pedigree of professor that Acadia tends to, and hopefully still does attract.  What I mean by that is, if there was ever a gender imbalance on our faculty and a position was open, I would hope that they would hire the most qualified individual as opposed to hiring the next best, or third best (whatever the case may be) just to balance the gender teeter-totter.

    Finally, looking at the most recent (12th) collective bargaining agreement, it appears that Article 3.0 on page 9 mentions equity exclusively.  Wouldn’t this mean theoretically that Acadia already promotes equitable practices amongst its faculty?

    Aside from this, if AUFA is in fact positioning itself on the items found within the report, this negotiation process appears that it could be successful for all parties involved.  Let’s not forget - we are all in this together and no one party, is better than another!

    What are your thoughts?

    Acadia UniversityAcadiaWolfvilleAUFACAUT

  2. No better picture

    During my holiday vacation out west, I took a minute one evening to search AUFA on Google.  I found the official AUFA blog, which can be accessed here: http://acadiaufa.wordpress.com.

    Look at the header image.

    SERIOUSLY, can you people not find anything better to put there? How about a picture of our faculty happily working at Acadia?  Can you imagine what this image looks like to alumni and new recruits if or when they come across this blog?

    What an embarrassment!

    To us, this picture says that you’re more proud of walking around with a picket sign hanging from your neck, than working at one of the greatest universities in the country.

    We would like to see AUFA apologize on their blog for using a picture that blatantly disrespects the university in such an unnecessary way.  If you can’t muster up the courage to apologize, at least explain why a picture of a strike is the photo of choice.

    Please stop acting like you’re more important than the University as a whole - because that’s how it comes across.

    Acadia UniversityAcadiaAUFACAUT

  3. Exactly what we don’t want to see happen in the fall of 2010.

    Exactly what we don’t want to see happen in the fall of 2010.

    AcadiaAUFAWolvilleAcadia University

  4. We are a group of people who love Acadia. We feel that Acadia is the best university in Canada and the last thing we want to see is that perception tarnished by yet another strike by our radical faculty association. Our view is simple - don't compare us to other universities because we are different. If you can afford to provide for you and your family, then you're doing better than most in the world. You work at a special place, and if you can't appreciate that, then get out because we don't want you here.